Master your applications while you work.

Reinforce learning.

Your people start forgetting as soon as they leave the classroom. Fight that by reinforcing learning while they work.

Make them more confident and effective through custom learning content delivered in their apps exactly when they need it.

Accelerate creation.

Your processes and apps change all the time, making your content stale. Keep up by accelerating content creation and updates.

Subject matter experts can quickly record lessons within your customized apps and easily rerecord to reflect changes.

Simplify management.

Managing your content and getting it to people who need it can be complicated. Simplify your authoring and delivery workflows.

Ensure accurate content and policy compliance with editorial reviews, version control, and reporting analytics.


uPerform Features

Continuous access to training

Integrated structured courses for each end-user job and role

Step-by-step guide

Just-in-time assistance at the very point you need it

Task-based training for all functional business users

Configurable to include customer business processes, company policies, and compliance information


For Organizations

Accelerated Adoption
– Training available at go-live for all users
– Customizable to support company processes and policies
– Quick uptime for new users
– Increase in productivity

Reduce costs
– Content Sensitive Help (CSH) helps reduce errors
– Reduce the number of Help-desk support requests

For End User

Just-in-Time Learning
– No need to attend separate training that takes you away from your job
– Immediate support to complete all tasks and processes for your job
– Train at your own pace and on your availability

Stay current on new features and functionality

SEAP Solutions mission is to advise and support their clients with the acquisition of the best solution to maintain and increase their corporate knowledge and performance.  Using our experience and knowledge of available solutions, SEAP Solutions works with their clients to provide the highest level of expertise in meeting their education, adoption and performance goals.

Our mission


Royal College Hydro Ottawa
Royal College Hydro Ottawa

What is blended learning and how does it accelerate software user-adoption, employee proficiency and productivity?

When e-learning is used together with face-to-face instruction, field exercises, informal learning, performance support and guidance within applications, the result is an effective, multi-pronged experience called blended learning. Blended learning meets the needs of employees with different learning styles, provides learning at the moment of need within an application, thereby improving user proficiency and productivity.

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