Next generation LMS designed for the dynamic workforce of tomorrow

SEAPLMS – maintain a high level of WORKFORCE performance and engagement

TODAY’S workforce has become a dynamic ecosystem.  The traditional employer – employee relationship is being replaced by the emergence of a diverse workforce ecosystem composed of full time employees, contractors, freelancers, and service providers. High turnover of millennials and gen Xers, the impending retirement of baby boomers, rapid technology changes all present new challenges with workforce performance and engagement.

Maintain a high level of Workforce performance

SEAPLMS is designed specifically for the dynamic workforce ecosystem of tomorrow.  It is easy to learn and use, built on most current technologies to enable faster adoption of new skill sets for the 21st century economy.

Improve Workforce engagement

SEAPLMS is designed for anytime, anywhere access by a diverse and distributed workforce ecosystem.  It empowers managers to effectively measure and improve workforce skills and enables the workforce to become more engaged and productive.


LMS Features

Individual development plans

Competency training

Integrated structured courses for each end-user job and role

Task-based training for all functional business users

Configurable to include customer business processes, company policies, and compliance information


For Organizations

Accelerate Adoption
– Learning and guidance available both during onboarding, and post go-live
– Customizable to support company processes and policies
– Rich analytics and management reporting
– On-demand contextual in-application guidance

Reduce costs

–Single source authoring dramatically reduces content creation time

– Improved user proficiency leads to higher productivity
– Rich learning content in multiple formats reduces the number of help desk requests

For End Users

On-demand, just-in-time learning and guidance
– Reduce time away from your job to attend training
– On-demand support to complete all tasks and processes
– Train at your own pace and on your availability

– Stay current on new features and functionality

In the age of a dynamic workforce ecosystem the importance of retaining corporate knowledge is critical in order for organizations to maintain a high level of workforce performance.  And having an engaged workforce is becoming a key competitive advantage.

SEAP – Success is achieved through Education, Adoption and Performance (SEAP )

SEAP Solutions mission is to advise and support their clients with the acquisition of the best solution to maintain and increase their corporate knowledge and performance.  Using our experience and knowledge of available solutions, SEAP Solutions works with their clients to provide the highest level of expertise in meeting their education, adoption and performance goals.

Our mission


Royal College Hydro Ottawa
Royal College Hydro Ottawa

What is blended learning and how does it accelerate software user-adoption, employee proficiency and productivity?

When e-learning is used together with face-to-face instruction, field exercises, informal learning, performance support and guidance within applications, the result is an effective, multi-pronged experience called blended learning. Blended learning meets the needs of employees with different learning styles, provides learning at the moment of need within an application, thereby improving user proficiency and productivity.

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