Learning everywhere and whenever you want.

Self-paced multimedia tutorials, instructor-facilitated courses, online tutorials delivered as podcasts or webinars, just-in-time updates and refreshers for mobile devices – they’re all part of the rapidly expanding eLearning universe.

What are the advantages?

Because organizations large and small have discovered that eLearning delivers significant benefits:

For companies

- Greater control over instructional content
- Immediate access to training for new hires
- Ability to update learning content, “on the fly”
- Increased ability to track learners progress
- Reduced costs for travel and time off the job
- Reduced overhead costs (e.g. classrooms, supplies, instructors)

For learners

- Control over where and when learning occurs
- Compressed learning times
- Ready access to refresher training
- Immediate access to supplemental resources
- When-needed connection to other learners
- An environment familiar to learners who have grown up with the Internet

What about mobile learning?

- Access content on any Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
- SMS updates and reminders

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Tracking & Control
Reduced Costs
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Spend smarter – Not more.

When e-learning is used together with face-to-face instruction, field exercises, performance support and guidance within applications, and informal learning the result is an effective, multi-pronged experience called blended learning.

Blended learning gives organizations a means to meet the needs of employees with different learning styles, provide learning at the moment of need within an application, updates and refreshers when they are needed, and improve learning retention. This doesn’t mean spending more – just spending smarter.

SEAP can help you to design and create a blended learning program that’s perfect for your needs.

Our Promise

To enable our customers to develop a highly trained and productive workforce through continuous learning, and development and by providing performance support and guidance at their moment of need.

Advantages of our approach

Constant reference to learner needs

Assurance that the Learning content produced will focus on well-defined objectives.

Effective coordination among all contributors to the development process

A validation process that pretests the effectiveness of the instruction and delivery platform.

A delivery tracking and summative evaluation process that ensures continuous improvement.

Enable our customers to develop a highly trained and productive workforce through continuous learning, and development and by providing performance support and guidance at their moment of need.

A Complete Suite of Services

SEAP delivers services to support the complete Learning and development life cycle – design, develop, train, implement and support next generation Learning management solutions incorporating eLearning, instructor led training, certification, performance support, and in application guidance at the moment of need. All to develop a highly productive workforce of tomorrow.


- Strategic advice
- Learning technology consulting
- Project management
- Learning program evaluation


- Learning needs analysis and instructional design
- Graphic and multimedia design and production
- eLearning programming and LMS implementation
- Quality assurance


- Conversion of classroom training to eLearning
- SCORM-compliant program updates
- Reprogramming to meet accessibility standards
- Short Message Service (SMS) updates and reminders
- Immediate help from colleagues when a problem is encountered

SEAP Offers a Full Turn Key Solution

Learning Management system (LMS) – plan, configure, deploy and support enterprise grade LMS.

eLearning course design and development.

UPK training and support (English & French).

UPK content migration - ‘lift and shift’ UPK content to a new platform and associated configuration and training.

Health Check of your current UPK or uPerform deployments (free)

ANCILE uPerform - implementation, training and support (in English & French).

Epilogue OPUS- implementation, training and support (in English & French).

Embedding Context sensitive help (CSH) within enterprise applications.

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SmartDriver for Highway Trucking

SDHT teaches fuel-efficient driving strategies to tractor-trailer drivers. Developed in consultation with a wide variety of trucking industry representatives, SDHT offer eLearning, in-classroom, and on-road training materials that can be used individually or as part of a blended learning program.

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VXI Integrated Fuel Monitor

This DVD-based eLearning program provides training on the set-up, use and maintenance of a complex radiation monitoring device used in nuclear power stations. DVD was used because inspectors at some locations may not have Internet access.

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Multi-location Computer System

The objective of this project was to design a corporate strategy for training on a new multi-location computer system for tracking blood samples. The strategy included designing and implementing a training web site.

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Water Quality 101

This self-study web site is custom-designed to describe processes and procedures for keeping water potable in remote locations using a water purification microsystem.
The target audience is assumed to have no more than grade 10 education. Accordingly, video and animations are used extensively to illustrate the concepts, procedures and processes.
Interactive pop quizzes and self-evaluation tests are used to check the level of understanding of the trainee. In addition, a printed workbook accompanies the on-line course. Procurement Training – NAV CANADA.

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Procurement 101 for RC Managers

This eLearning program provides Responsibility Centre (RC) managers at Public Works and Government Services Canada with training on proper procurement processes and procedures.

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Introduction to the Management of IT Security

This eLearning course employs presentation screens, exercises, web links, and interactive quizzes to help Government of Canada employees understand IT vulnerabilities and play their part in managing data and IT systems security in their workplaces.

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The Road to Safeguards Quality

This eLearning course was developed for the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Department of Safeguards to introduce employees to Quality Management principles and processes. The program uses video, animation, interactive quizzes, and other tools to create a dynamic learning experience.

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High Arctic Drilling Project

This project compiled the results of multi-discipline analyses of a borehole drilled in the high Arctic. It was the first such integrated presentation of scientific results across disciplines in Canada.

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Armoury Fire Investigation

To help the public understand what happened during a catastrophic fire that destroyed an historic Department of National Defence facility in Quebec City, precisely timed animation was used to illustrate the fire’s progression. The animation was used by fire officials to explain the outcome of their investigations at a presentation to national media.

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CNSC Radiation Protextion

This eLearning was designed to describe radiation protection and safety processes and procedures for employees of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. The complex concepts and scientific principles were made accessible through the use of animated sequences with voice-over explanations.

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Electrostatic Discharge Prevention Procedures

This project created classroom-based training on processes and procedures to avoid electrostatic discharge at assembly workstations. The target audience was assumed to have no more than grade 10 education. Accordingly, the instructional design uses interaction between the presenter and learners extensively.

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SEAP Solutions mission is to advise and support their clients with the acquisition of the best solution to maintain and increase their corporate knowledge and performance.  Using our experience and knowledge of available solutions, SEAP Solutions works with their clients to provide the highest level of expertise in meeting their education, adoption and performance goals.

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