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SEAP Solutions is a spin-off of the The VCAN Group’s Software division into an independent business entity. SEAP Solutions is a privately-owned corporation based in Canada, serving customers across North America. For over thirteen years, The VCAN Group has helped over 300 organizations across North America with eLearning, training, professional and project management services to support their Oracle, Peoplesoft and SAP projects.

With slightly over forty combined years of experience in providing our customers with software solutions, the SEAP Solutions team is ready to be your trusted partner to help you achieve your strategic goal to achieve a highly productive and engaged workforce for the future.

SEAP Solutions mission is to advise and support their clients with the acquisition of the best solution to maintain and increase their corporate knowledge and performance.  Using our experience and knowledge of available solutions, SEAP Solutions works with their clients to provide the highest level of expertise in meeting their education, adoption and performance goals.

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Royal College Hydro Ottawa
Royal College Hydro Ottawa

What is blended learning and how does it accelerate software user-adoption, employee proficiency and productivity?

When e-learning is used together with face-to-face instruction, field exercises, informal learning, performance support and guidance within applications, the result is an effective, multi-pronged experience called blended learning. Blended learning meets the needs of employees with different learning styles, provides learning at the moment of need within an application, thereby improving user proficiency and productivity.

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